Frequently Asked Questions on JAMB Change of Course Institution

By | May 30, 2023

How do I know if my JAMB change of Institution was successful?

  • To confirm if your JAMB Change of Institution was successful, simply login to your JAMB Profile using your Username and Password @,
  • Click on Check admission status
  • And then access my JAMB CAPS.
  • On your JAMB CAPS page, locate “MY CHOICES” tab
  • there you can confirm if the change of Institution is now reflecting or not.

How long does it take JAMB change of Institution to reflect?

  • There is no fixed time for this, it can take 24 hours or sometimes a couple of days, but be rest assured that, if you followed the procedure explained here>>, your Institution will be changed by JAMB once approved.

Is JAMB change of Institution still available?

  • YES!  JAMB change of Institution form is still available for students who sat for JAMB.

Why is my change of Institution not reflecting on my school portal?

  • There are a number of reasons why your changed Institution may not be reflecting on your School portal, but the most likely reason is that, JAMB is yet to send your Updated information to your School.
  • If you entered your information correctly when carrying out this process, and it now reflect on your JAMB profile, be rest assured that it will later on reflect on your School’s Portal.

How many times can I do change of institution 2022?

  • The maximum number of times you can apply for JAMB Change of Institution is two (2) times
  • After applying twice, you can no longer change your Institution on JAMB portal.

Can I do change of Institution after accepting admission?

  • YES! you can still change your Institution after accepting the admission offered to you on JAMB CAPS
  • But this is only if you were admitted by a school different from what you initially applied for in Jamb.

Can I change second choice to first choice?

  • YES! you can change your Second choice Institution to first Choice
  • And vice versa, but only by applying for JAMB Change of Institution.

Can I change Institution after first year?

  • YES! you can still change your Institution after first year in most Universities through Application for Transfer
  • But definitely not through JAMB.

Can JAMB Change Of Institution Be Done Twice?

  • YES! you can apply for Change of Institution two times, but after the second time you will not be able to.

Can I do Change Of Institution After Post UTME?

  • YES! you can still apply for Change of Institution in JAMB even after Post UTME if you did not meet the cut off mark for admission in the Institution you earlier applied to.

Can I do change of Institution Myself on my phone?

  • YES! you can process change of Institution in JAMB yourself using your Phone or personal computer.

Can I do JAMB Change Of Institution Without Visiting The CBT center?

  • YES! the board has continued self-service for JAMB change of Institution.

Can I Do JAMB change of Institution in cyber Cafe?

  • YES! you can apply for JAMB change of Institution/course at a cyber cafe.

In Conclusion
JAMB change of Institution is currently on for students who sat for JAMB from 2023 downward, follow the guide here>> to get request for this change.

If you have any question or help, feel free to drop them using the comment box below.


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